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Kiddie Planet was established in 2002 with the belief of what Maria Montessori said, “The fate of the future lies in the child.” The education of the child begins with us, the adults and teachers. The early years are a crucial time. In Montessori education, we believe the first period of life is very important as how we love, nurture and educate the child will determine his development emotionally, in character and education. In Montessori education, we prepare the environment to stimulate the child in his development and learning. It is here the teachers and Montessori materials play an important role.

We also place equal importance on Traditional Learning. Traditional learning focuses mostly on rote learning which is a technique based on memorization and repeating things. While rote learning has its place in a child’s education, in the early years, it is necessary for the child to have a deeper understanding of the concepts. The strong foundation in Montessori enables the child to understand abstract learning offered in the traditional methods.

Kiddie Planet now introduces the International Early Years Curriculum, a UK based hands on curriculum in its newest branch in Kelapa Gading. The International Early Years Curriculum is an internationally-minded,thematic, cross-curricular and rigorous teaching structure used in countries around the world. Based on the very best early years practice, the IPC Early Years units of work help children develop in a way which is wholly appropriate for their age.

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